Thank you for visiting The Northern Ireland Connection

Here is a little bit about who we are and why we decided to create The Northern Ireland Connection

I am originally from Canada and when I first moved here, I found it difficult to find the businesses/services I needed. My husband is from here and didn’t need to search for businesses the same way I did. I also couldn’t always rely on him for recommendations.

Most of the business directories I found were mostly focused on tourist information or they covered all of the UK plus Ireland. I wanted a place where I could find a dentist, hairdresser, mechanic etc. just in Northern Ireland. I also wanted to be able to favourite the businesses I liked to help narrow down my search.

We figured even people who have lived here all their lives may have the same difficulties I had with finding the services they need. We also saw how having videos on ads could be so beneficial, but most places that have videos there is only a link to Facebook or YouTube. Which means you would have to leave one site to view the video on another site…. From that The Northern Ireland Connection was born!

We wanted a site where the person looking for a service isn’t forced to sign up to look, doesn’t have to pay to get a phone number or the link to a website. We wanted a site that was clutter free of google ads and popups. Businesses do not have to pay a referral fee when someone wants their details. There are no hidden costs. All the businesses details are there in their ad page.

We also wanted a platform where not just larger businesses but smaller and new entrepreneurs can market their services, product or business.

The feature I like the most is the Favourites! I know when I was looking for a hairdresser and I was searching Google and Facebook I would have loved the ability to just click a button and all my favourites appeared! (I stole this feature from Airbnb maybe other sites use it too, but Airbnb is the first that comes to mind)

We hope you like the site and we would love your feedback! We are very customer focused and want this site to be the go-to whether you are looking for a service or a Business looking to reach a wider audience.

Thank you,

The Northern Ireland Connection Team