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How we drive traffic to our site

SEO – Search engine optimization is the process of improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.

  • On any given day, people conduct more than 2.2 million searches. And that’s just on Google! To say nothing of the other search engines out there. Therefore, showing up on the front page of Google can be the deciding factor between a business that’s thriving and one that’s, well, bankrupt.

  • The first 5 results on Google get 67% of the clicks!

  • o We work diligently with our developers to have the best SEO/Google presence possible. Driving more traffic to our site, which drives more traffic/clients to you!

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter all of these sites factor into how a site ranks in Google. We are promoting our site and your businesses on all social media pages, which in turn again increases our ranking in Google.

Brexit can benefit Northern Ireland Businesses

Due to Brexit and the Northern Ireland protocol many EU (and other countries) companies will be looking for Businesses in Northern Ireland which is why a Northern Ireland based businesses directory is THE place to advertise. We are promoting our site worldwide, any businesses wanting to take advantage of the Northern Ireland Protocol and the fact that Northern Ireland is still part of the EU single market will be looking here.

A package to suit your needs and budget

Basic – The Basic package is good for anyone who has been using Facebook and Instagram to advertise but wants to test if a Businesses directory is the way to go. With the basic package you can have your Logo, link to your website and a few pics. If you do not have a website you will still get an ad that will get you noticed.

Standard – The Standard package is for someone who wants to continue advertising but does not need all the features of the Premium package. You still have your logo, link to your website, more pics, a video plus a pdf or word doc.

Premium – The Premium package has it all! Logo, website link, links to social media, pics, videos, pdfs. List your business in more than 1 category, advertise any promotion in its own category. For a small cost be listed under Featured businesses. Auto renewal takes away the hassle of having to login each month to renew. There is also a job postings category, as a premium subscriber you can post your job here.

All of our packages include 1 on 1 assistance if required. We will work with you to ensure your ad page is everything you want. Let people know your latest offers in our Promotions category

If the above hasn’t convinced you. Here are a few more reasons to choose us

Packages are competitively priced to meet most budgets. We regularly review the competitors’ prices to ensure we offering our clients not only a competitive price but extra features.

Visitors to our site do not need to login or create a profile to contact you. The have the option to setup a profile. If they choose to create a profile, they will have the ability to ‘favourite’ your business! That way your client never has to worry about losing your information. You also decide what contact information you display and how you want to be contacted.

Once a month we will select a business to be featured on under Business of the Month, plus be featured on all our social media sites and featured in our monthly newsletter.

We want your ad to be everything you are looking for. If we do not offer a feature you would like included in your ad, we will work with you to ensure your ad is everything you want.

Your business ad will not get lost amongst Travel and Tourist information. We are not a Northern Ireland travel site. No what to do/see or where to go while you’re here. Our site is strictly to promote businesses/services in Northern Ireland. This is not to say a tourist will not be visiting the site, but it won’t be for tourist information. No popups, google ads or chatbots to get in the way of your search.

If you are not getting more exposure and more business then we do not succeed. Your success is our success.

We are a client focused company and your happiness is our number 1 priority. We love feedback good or bad. We want to know how we can improve, features we should offer, what we can do better. What you like and what you dislike.

Other sites will charge a referral fee – or have a visitor complete a sign-up form to search. No one will have to sign up or pay to view your ad or get contact details.

Our site is 100% secure. We have a dedicated server and daily website monitoring to ensure the site is safe.

Price Comparison

Belfast Telegraph

  • Job posting ad – starts at £450 for 1 day in the telegraph/ 1 day Sunday Life


  • Basic package– category listing with address and contact details only - £120 annually

  • Optimized package – Multiple categories with logo – 3500-character limit – 6 images £300 annually – add-ons positing on page – up to an extra £500 annually

  • Appearance in newsletter £900/monthly

  • Revolving Ad £240/monthly

  • Leaderboard Ad/£1100 monthly minimum 3 month commitment


  • Description/20 images/YouTube link/ £7.99 Ad-ons Urgent £14.95- Link to website £6.99 – Featured Ad £29.99/weekly

Agenda NI magazine

  • Double page ad £2395.00

  • Full page ad £1595

  • Half page ad £995

  • Quarter page ad £695

Other site like Yell, NIFED, NI Info, Irish news are a link farm and charge per lead.

At The Northern Ireland Connection our packages are not complicated. We do not offer a time of ad-ons to drive up the price. We feel our packages do not need a bunch of ad-ons to showcase your business or service. The only ad-ons we have are extra images, videos or if you want your ad included in Featured Businesses, all of which are very reasonably priced. You are not limited to describe your business. certain number of characters since you can have documents/PDF’s/Brochures.

We do not post or have links to news or politics of any kind.

We look forward to working with you and helping drive business to you

The Northern Ireland Connection Team

A fresh way to market your business