Questions To Ask When Looking For an Accountant

Accounting services

Bookkeeping mainly deals with documentation tasks and taxes, required by small and medium sized businesses.

Having an accounting professional can bring several advantages if you run a tiny service or are otherwise self-employed or sole trader.

At the most standard level, your accountant can will manage vital functions such as accounting and also tax returns. As your business grows, you will need more help with financial reporting, compliance, pay-roll, tax performance, company preparation as well as more.

Auditing Services

There are 9 main types of audits

1. Internal audit

2. External audit

3. Tax audit

4. Financial audit

5. Operational audit

6. Compliance audit

7. Information system audit

8. Payroll audit

9. Pay audit

Importance of audits

You must conduct audits regularly to understand different aspects of your business. And, audits can help catch issues early on before they snowball into big mistakes. If you don’t conduct audits, you may find yourself reviewing inaccurate information, which can impact your business later.

What are the other types of accountants?

accountancy firms

chartered accountants

online accountancy

accounting services

local accountants

tax accountant

personal tax

limited company

day to day

Questions to ask an accountant

1. What do you charge?


2. What services are included in your fees?


3. Why should I choose you rather than another accountant?


4. Will you assign a dedicated accountant / contact person to me?


5. How will we keep in touch?


6. What issues should we discuss regularly?


7. Are there any special considerations for my type of business?


8. What additional services do you provide?


9. What are the most common mistakes your clients make?


10. How will you make sure I don’t miss deadlines?