Why Join a business directory?

Search Engine Optimisation

If you want customers to find you online, advertising on a business directory is a must. Google loves these little chunks of data called back links. Search engines view businesses with lots of back links as a trustworthy source of information. The more links your business has online, the higher you’ll appear on search engines.

Boost credibility and trust

A listing on a reputable directory is a sign of a trustworthy business.

Increased visibility and awareness

A business listing massively improves your chances of getting your brand in front of new clients. People who search business directories are looking for a product or service provider. In other words, these are warm contacts, prepared to buy. Therefore, a business directory works like a business development manager.

Make local business connections

Business directories build supportive communities. New and established businesses can connect with other companies. You can find and interact with people offering complementary services. You’ll gain referrals and benefit from mutual support. This is invaluable to freelancers and sole traders.

Now why should you choose The Northern Ireland Connection??

2 words.. VIDEO MARKETING!! We are one of the ONLY business marketing sites that have video marketing. This is not just links to YouTube or Facebook videos but we videos accessible from your ad page - A one-minute video is worth 1.8 Million words! We will also feature the business of the months videos on all our social media and YouTube channel.

Cheaper than the competition… We have a package to suit almost any budget. Feature your Logo, website and social media links, pictures, documents and VIDEOS. No referral fees or logins required to obtain your contact details.

SEO - Even though the site has just launched, we have worked very hard to have our sites SEO be the best it can be! Due to that visitors to our website are increasing daily. Not only do we have an excellent SEO, but with exposure on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, plus we are promoting the site both locally and Internationally.